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The reason for my inactivity...

2011-06-16 06:55:44 by TiGeR


So yeah I've been inredibly busy lately, and I haven't submitted a new song in a loooong time. The reaason behind this inactivity on NG is basically the fact that I'm currently composing the OST for an RPG, which takes up most of my inspiration atm (thus, no new DnB songs :( ). Ah well I'll keep this message short, since I highly doubt anyone is gonna read it. But yeah, see you around.


Lost motivation for this song...

2011-01-04 18:32:52 by TiGeR

Yeah hello, I'm here again. I have a DnB piece that I've been working quite a bit with, buuuuuuuuuuuut... It is unfinished and I don't really know what to do with it. The song didn't take the route I wanted at first and now I have no idea how to complete it. Heck I don't know if it's even worth finishing it :[. Shall I submit this anyway? (seeing as I probably won't be able to submit any more in a few more months...).

Also, hope you had a great christmas and may 2011 be of pure awesomeness!


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PS: Awesome song above!

First of all I'd like to thank everyone making the weekly top 2 possible. Really, thanks a lot to my small collection of fans out there! <3

And with this being said, I'll now take a break from submitting more songs onto Newgrounds. As I'm in the last year of my music line in upper secondary school, I have a huge course coming up now. It's called the project course in which I'll do something that has to do with music. It's all individual and you take care of the course yourself, which differs from the other courses where we work in class and have a teacher for it. In the project course you pretty much "teach" your music teachers or whatever.

Anyway, my project is going to be about composing classical RPG-like music that could fit into different game environments and situations. Then I'll discuss around these songs and try to explain why what fits where and such. I already started slightly, but I feel like it's time to start working hardcore now, as the project is supposed to be handed in in February... so yeah, this means I most probably won't have time to compose any more DnB stuff for quite some time.

I'll be back though, don't worry about that ;p!



2010-10-22 18:41:46 by TiGeR /370939 /370939 /370939 /370939

"TiGeR - Susurration" is knocking at your door and awaiting your approval! Please listen and of course, enjoy!


This is insane!

Altocumulus - over 4000 downloads

Failed Dreams - 3400 downloads

I'm speechless but so damn happy. Thanks everyone! <3

Failed Dreams reaches 1000 dls!

2010-09-13 14:31:56 by TiGeR

My first submitted song called Failed Dreams has finally reached the 1000-download-milestone! I'm happy as hell! Next goal: At Dusk getting 1000 downloads! Let's see if we can make it happen :D

TiGeR & 2DPolygon - Blazing Soul is pretty much ready for submission, so be sure to check for it soon! It's gonna rock your socks ;)

And also, I have 2 songs on my own that are pretty much finished: 1 ambient DnB and another more videogamish DnB. The ambient one is probably going to be submitted tonight, but about the videogamish one I'm not entirely sure. I can't seem to get it mastered decently... t.t. Basically it's that the cymbals and hi-hats steal too much high frequencies from the rest of the drums and such. Right now I'm thinking of having a specific channel for hi-hats and cymbals rather then all drums in the same channel. Hopefully that might improve the sound a bit. But we'll see :S

Anyone reading this who knows stuff about mixing and mastering songs, I'd love some tips and pointers!



'2DP vs TiGeR - Shooting Star' IN PROGRESS

2010-08-20 13:21:17 by TiGeR

You better prepare for something way out of this world ;]


Number one all time song NOW! O_O

2010-08-12 14:45:51 by TiGeR

Me and my friend's reaction when we saw Altocumulus scoring first rank in the all time top 30.

[2010-08-11 13:43:11] Jonatan: !!!
[2010-08-11 13:43:20] Jonatan: /340076
[2010-08-11 13:43:24] Jonatan: I'm away for one day
[2010-08-11 13:43:25] Jonatan: and
[2010-08-11 13:43:34] Jonatan: 4 new reviews?!
[2010-08-11 13:43:49] mitsuray: o, yesterday i forgot to tell you you had 1 new review on cloudsorz
[2010-08-11 13:43:50] mitsuray: but 4... wow lol
[2010-08-11 13:44:27] Jonatan: 9 9 10 9 ^^
[2010-08-11 13:45:35] mitsuray: btw lol
[2010-08-11 13:45:37] mitsuray: it's 5 reviews Ô.o
[2010-08-11 13:45:53] Jonatan: oh
[2010-08-11 13:45:53] Jonatan: yeah
[2010-08-11 13:45:55] Jonatan: wtf O_O
[2010-08-11 13:46:00] mitsuray: LOL
[2010-08-11 13:46:00] mitsuray: wierd xD
[2010-08-11 13:46:11] mitsuray: maybe your audio was featured! O.O
[2010-08-11 13:46:24] Jonatan: nop :(
[2010-08-11 13:46:25] mitsuray: no it wasn't xD
[2010-08-11 13:46:28] Jonatan: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
[2010-08-11 13:46:29] mitsuray: wierd lol
[2010-08-11 13:46:29] Jonatan: MITS
[2010-08-11 13:46:32] mitsuray: Ô.o
[2010-08-11 13:46:32] Jonatan:
[2010-08-11 13:46:34] Jonatan: CHECK THE TOP 30!
[2010-08-11 13:46:36] Jonatan: WTF
[2010-08-11 13:46:36] Jonatan: OMG
[2010-08-11 13:46:37] mitsuray: _LOL
[2010-08-11 13:46:40] mitsuray: LOLOLOLOL
[2010-08-11 13:46:41] mitsuray: OMFG
[2010-08-11 13:46:49] mitsuray: HAHA!