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The reason for my inactivity...

2011-06-16 06:55:44 by TiGeR


So yeah I've been inredibly busy lately, and I haven't submitted a new song in a loooong time. The reaason behind this inactivity on NG is basically the fact that I'm currently composing the OST for an RPG, which takes up most of my inspiration atm (thus, no new DnB songs :( ). Ah well I'll keep this message short, since I highly doubt anyone is gonna read it. But yeah, see you around.



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2011-06-16 19:22:23

Flipping through author comments for no particular reason and see your name. Realizing I recognize the name I grab my iPod and there's your song "Susurration"
(Great song btw)
So this RPG, any news you can share? Maybe a track we can hear?

TiGeR responds:

The game is called Final Fantasy Essence (yeah it's a fangame based on FFIV, V and VI, but we're working super hard on it. We're working super hard on it :P). You can check it out here

Got close to 18 or so tracks composed by me on the ost so far, although not many of the are uploaded on that site as of now. I'll see if I can get one or two of them up :D


2011-07-14 05:12:32

Well shit, dude, you're getting actual work instead of making stuff for dudes like us. As long as the soundtrack and game don't come out crappy (and I highly doubt that, considering it's you I'm talking about), this should be great. I look forward to it immensely!

also lol super late reply

(Updated ) TiGeR responds:

Haha well it's kind of different from my usual stuff :)!

Thanks for being a nice fan/friend and always sticking around even during my absence at Newgrounds these days. Really appreciate it :)!


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